Andrew Swindell has established his company On a Page to help you simplify your most complex environments and help you make the right strategic choices using visual models that support you and your teams to process complexity more easily.

By accurately capturing the whole of what matters on a page, not only do you get to see root causes but you also get to simplify the strategic and tactical choices you could make and your teams will be more engaged to work through these problems with you.

Would you like more sleep, less stress, more engaged workforce, more revenues, less costs, more satisfied customers then tell me what is keeping you up at night.


Why Rowing 8 Analogy?

The synchronization, timing, alignment between rowers and the cox, the measured realized gain made by improving technique with strong communication and guidance has many synergies with the Architecture and design of your business.

The rowing 8 analogy and Architecture can play a significant role in establishing “Line of Sight” between your organisational business strategy, your people and the various organisational inputs required to deliver on the strategy.

Your company has sweet spots and patterns that maximise your returns and we can model these to enable a laser focus and prioritise your investments and teams to optimise these patterns for your customers and your objectives.

The power of Line of Sight for your business

Why Line of Sight for your business?

Your business has many opportunities to optimise and through Line of Sight models you can:

  • Generate insight that adds value to your business and technology decision makers 
  • Enable clear trade off decisions to be made and governed on your journey i.e Strategic Choices, Timing, Funding and Sponsorship
  • Enable alignment within business units and between business and technology functions i.e delivery expectations
  • Similar / consistent language creates strong organisational DNA and greater efficiencies i.e fast track scoping
  • Directly impact on key organisational metrics such as Customer Satisfaction, Customer Retention, Acquisition and Cross Sell, Revenue, Cost, Risk and Compliance
  • Progress reporting enables laser like focus on execution and alignment to the Business Strategy

About Andrew Swindell

Andrew has over 25 years business and technology experience utilising a strong commercial / strategic approach with a proven track record of delivering business outcomes, leading and supporting Architecture teams, uplifting IM capabilities and enabling complex transformation Programs / Projects.

With a deep understanding of the Mining, Financial Services, Utilities, Transport, Government and Health industries, he has successfully developed and executed business, technology and Digital strategies and transformational / architectural disciplines, with specific focus on delivering innovative Strategy, Portfolio, Program and Architecture outcomes for Executives teams and Boards.

He has deep expertise in a wide range of Information Management disciplines including IM Strategy, Data Governance, Big Data Technologies, Analytics and Business Intelligence, Data and Application Ecosystems, Master Data Management, Document Management and Modelling.

Andrew is a Strategy, Planning and Architecture leader recognised for building effective Architecture Practices from scratch, globally published architecture white papers and regularly presents at conferences and is well versed in the Business, Application, Integration, Information and Infrastructure domains.

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